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Appendix C

Tag glossary

An * denotes the tag needs no closing tag.

<!DOCTYPE> - Tells the browser which version of html your page is written in.(Unnecessary)

<A> - A link
<ADDRESS> - Old fashioned italics tag(usually used for e-mail links)
<APPLET>* - Small Java application
<AREA>* - Used in image maps(not covered in this tutorial)

<B> - Bold text .
<BGSOUND>* - Internet explorer back ground sound.
<BLINK> - Netscape navigator blinking text
<BLOCKQUOTE> - Separate a block of text
<BODY> - Where all your visible page information goes
<BR>* - Line break or carriage return
<BUTTON>* - Create a button inside a form

<CAPTION> - Adds a description to your tables
<CENTER> - Deprecated. Aligns the contents to center of page

<DD>* - Definition description for lists
<DEL>* - New strikeout tag
<DIV> - Tag used for applying styles
<DT>* - Definition Term for lists

<EM> - Old italics tags
<EMBED> - Used to embed sound and shockwave files

<FONT> - Deprecated. Sets font style size and color
<FORM> - Creates a form for users to fill
<FRAME> - Names the window frames and documents to be displayed inside the frameset
<FRAMESET> - Allows for more than one document to be displayed inside the browser

<HEAD> - Place your title and meta tags here
<HR>* - Creates a horizontal rule across the page
<HTML> - Tells browser that this doc is an html doc

<I> - italics
<IFRAME> - Inline frame
<ILAYER> - Inline layer
<IMG>* - Used to embedding image files
<INPUT>* - Creates text field inside a form

<LAYER> - Positions elements in Netscape navigator
<LINK>* - link to external style sheet

<MAP> - Creates image map
<MARQUEE> - Scrolling text for Internet explorer
<META>* - Page information

<NOBR> - No wrap
<NOFRAMES> - Used for browsers that do not support frames

<OL> - Creates an ordered list

<P>* - paragraph or double carriage return
<PRE> - Text that will be displayed exactly as it is in your script ignoring all carriage returns

<Q> - Used for setting quotes for different languages

<S> - Strikes out text
<SAMP> - Monospaced text
<SELECT> - Drop down menus in forms
<SPAN> - Used for applying styles
<STRIKE> - Same as S , strikes out text
<STRONG> - Old bold tag
<STYLE> - Used for internal styles
<SUB> - Lowers text by half a line (H20)
<SUP> - Raises text half a line (102)

<TABLE> - Creates a table
<TD> - Creates a table cell/column
<TEXTAREA> - Creates a text box
<TH> - Same as <td> but is centered and in bold
<TITLE> - The text to be displayed in the title bar at very top of browser
<TR> - Creates a new table row

<U> - Deprecated. Underline text
<UL> - Unordered list

<WBR>* - Used to create soft line breaks inside the <NOBR> tag

Contents Intro Your first page Text Images Links Lists Tables
Frames Forms Sounds Styles Symbols Colors Tags Publish Index
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