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A FormMailer with file Attachments supported!

Attachment Form Mailer 2.3 Description | Users Guide | F.A.Q. | Try the Demo
Supported Servers:
  • Unix
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Sun Solaris
  • FreeBSD
  • Perl
  • cgi-bin

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Form Script Overview
Combine all of your web forms into one, making it quick 'n easy for your website visitors to send you a message with or without files attached.

Attachment Mailer is a FormMailer capable of processing any type of form, responding to the submitter with a custom, personal message assuring your visitor of successful delivery of their message, and accepting multiple file attachments.

It's a form processor and form mailer that allows non-technical users to browse their hard drives, select multiple files of any type, and send them along with a message, in one easy step.

This script is a timesaver for website owners whose visitors need to submit content without the worry of broken files or viruses. It's also useful for site owners who need to mail files directly from their website.

All Versions include personalized autoresponder features and password-protected public forms. With the personalized autoresponder, you can send replies that include the exact file names, date they were submitted and any other information filled in to your forms assuring website visitors that their files were received.

Test Attachment Mailer here!
  • Demo accepts : doc, htm, html, txt, jpeg, jpg, gif, pdf, xls

  • Demo limited to : 500 KBs

  • File and form data will be sent to email address entered

  • You define file types you accept via the Admin Control Panel

  • You define file size limits via the Admin Control Panel
First name
Last name
Your e-mail
File 1
File 2

The Admin Control Panel
Attachment Mailer's Admin Control Panel allows you to set the file size limits, define file types accepted, view a history of submissions, send multiple attachments from any folder on your server, and much more. The files arrive as true attachments just like any mail client would deliver them. An excellent Anti Virus script, allowing you to set the types of files you will accept.

Attachment Mailer has been tested with just about all types of Binary and ASCII files including bmp, csv, doc, dot, gif, html, jpeg, pot, pdf, ppt, rtf, txt, xls, xlt and many more, in all types of e-mail clients including Eudora mail. Don't waste your time and money on scripts that deliver broken images or files.

Why Attachment Mailer?
Because it works. First time, every time. We receive messages from customers similar to the following on a regular basis.

How robust would the script be in terms of delivery - I'm keen to avoid any users receiving the HTML code - would it be compatible with the majority of email clients? I am using another CGI script but it has come through to some email clients as code - hence my search for a better program. Dan Broughton

Our replies usually go along the lines of

All of our mailing scripts have been extensively tested in several versions of Eudora, Outlook and Netscape mail, as well as Yahoo, Excite and Hotmail. I don't use the word "extensively" lightly either, I've worked closely with newsletter administrators that communicate to 10's of thousands of members and wanted every single message perfectly formatted.

We see that kind of thing regularly, and it's the big boys, not just the "fly by night" operators we're talking about. Do yourself a favour and buy the right product the first time around. If you've already purchased something that failed to meet your expectations, you can be absolutely certain that Attachment Mailer will restore your faith in cgi scripts.

What are people saying about our Form Mailer?
Result!! That's bloody marvellous.. finally, something that does what it says on the box. Thank you! Best of all I've got another website to do after this one and your script will make it just as easy. Ian Inniss.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the Attachment Mailer script. It works even better than I could have hoped for or imagined, and provides so many extra interesting features that are really useful. It was also incredibly easy to set up as it comes with little scripts that do it all for you. I barely even needed to look at the Perl script - this is a huge bonus after spending two days embroiled in deepest darkest Perl on another script before giving up and discovering your site. To top it all your service was phenomenal. Top marks to you and your site! R. James

It does much more than expected and it works so well. Thanks for the truly amazing support. Brad

Brad, with so many second rate scripts floating around, we want to make sure our customers receive value for money backed up by old fashioned customer service. That's our committment to you. That's why we just released version 2 with half a dozen new features.

Attachment Mailer's Key Features
  • Uses form fields in autoresponders / acknowledgements, allowing you to personalize automated messages

  • Allows Forms to be password-protected

  • Compatible with SSL Secure Servers. Shared or private certificates

  • Security measures to prevent Form hi-jacking and stop Spam

  • Works with all binary and ASCII files including bmp, csv, doc, dot, gif, html, jpeg, pot, pdf, rtf, txt, xls, and xlt, but allows you to restrict file types and maximum size

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac and Unix servers

  • Supports all email clients, including Eudora, Outlook and Netscape Mail

  • Supports HTML and plain text mail formats

  • Self installer auto-creates all files and directories

  • Lets users send carbon copies (CC)

  • Stores files on server (optional), allowing you to resend the same group of files multiple times

  • Includes a built-in form for your website, or supports your custom forms

  • Alphabetizes form fields in received emails

  • Includes easy-to-use admin control panel Log in to Admin panel

  • History of submissions logged, with items which can be deleted

Attachment Mailer just got better!
We've recently updated all versions of Attachment Mailer. Our formmail processors just got a whole lot better, and the prices remain the same. We're certain that our formmail scripts are the best around and challenge you to find something better. We have dozens of satisfied customers amazed and impressed with the features and functionality of our form processors. These are no ordinary formmailers. Spend a few minutes going over the live demo and see for yourself.

Form scripts : servers running our perl form script for form processing, formmail, as a form processor, cgi form script, php form script, asp form script, form mail script, email form script, contact form script, or order form script can expect professional form processing results. Our Form scripts, can handle all form processing requirements, including order form, multi-page forms, multiple form management requirements, form validation, captcha code protection, anti-spam forms, anti-virus forms, order forms, php forms, asp forms, perl forms, cgi forms, form to email forms, form mail forms, form data, form attachments, secure server forms and binary file transfers.

Your customers don't want to take the time to fill in form after form, only to wonder if you even received the message or if you'll even bother to contact them with a response. Your customer is just as important to you are you are to us. Give your customer the attention they deserve at no extra cost to you, through automated, personalized responses assuring them you're on the case, and project the professionalism they need to remain confident in you.

Free SPAM protection included and free updates for 12 months. Everything you need is right here in one simple solution. We'll get you up and running, that's what we do best. You concentrate the next step in building a solid business.

Ready to purchase your own copy of Attachment Mailer?

Let's get started.

Here are just a few of the many Customers using this script to enhance their web site!

Plus several hundred more!

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