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Build a FAQ Plus - FAQ Manager

Program: Build a FAQ Plus 3.1
Cost: US$49 Demo - New Window
Platform: Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, BSDOS Users Guide
Requires: Perl F.A.Q.

Compare the Free Version with the Plus Version

What is Build A FAQ Plus?

Build A FAQ is a quality Perl script that enables you to build and manage FAQ and knowledge base categories. You can add multiple categories and descriptions, sort categories and questions in any order and it even comes with a built in user feedback feature that lets you know whether your visitors have found your pages useful.

Sample FAQ. Click Question to view Answer...

Q: Is Build a FAQ Plus spam proof?
Q: Can I control the appearance of FAQs?
Q: Is Build a FAQ Plus cross-browser compatible?
Q: Are FAQ pages indexed by spiders and directories?
Q: Does your FAQ Manager have a built in search engine?
Q: Can this FAQ generator create multiple categories?

But you're not limited to the above view, you can also :
  • Display FAQs as Bulleted or Numbered lists in full view.

  • Paginate FAQs with X number of Question displayed on each page.

  • Create multiple categories with unlimited questions in each.

  • Arrange and re-arrange the order in which Questions appear.

  • If using Collapsed Answers, set the background and border colors.

  • Define the Question and Answer bullets as images, ordered or un-ordered lists.
Plus you get ..

an in-built search engine allowing your visitors to search your FAQ and have highlighted results returned as questions and answers. And a printer friendly feature that allows your visitors to view and print any page in a printer friendly format. A built in "Submit a Question" form that can handle file uploads and send the files to your inbox via e-mail. And the ability to personalize and customize the Autoresponder and you notification e-mail using any form field in the built in or your custom forms.

Administrative functions allow you to switch user feedback back on or off, reset stats and re order questions and categories. You can also add unique meta tags and titles to each page you create. This program has been designed with user friendliness in mind. Check out our demo using the link above.

Build a FAQ and watch your hits explode

Don't waste your money, time and effort with any other FAQ script. Only Build a FAQ is based on static HTML pages that can be indexed by search engines and updated via the admin section. Search engines do not index cgi generated pages. Unless your FAQs are built using static HTML pages, no-one except your regular visitors will ever find them. Our FAQ generator will generate and update regular HTML pages which not only use less server resources, but can also be indexed and found by all spiders.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Captcha Code Generator! Captcha Codes prevent Robots filling in your Forms by requiring a randomly generated string of characters be correctly typed in to the Form before it can be processed. Captcha codes prevent Spam! This Captcha Code Generator requires no special modules, enables you to set the number of characters generated, and choose between a clean and dirty image. Build a FAQ Plus will then randomly select one of three color sets composed of random characters and numbers making it virtually impossible for Robots to succeed.

  • Free updates and support for 3 months

  • Built in search engine for your visitors to quickly find answers

  • Smart Search option to present visitors with answers before accepting Questions

  • Visitors can Submit Questions which can then be added to the FAQ, replied to via email or discarded

  • Accept file uploads from your visitors to help them describe the query

  • Can send personalized and customized email autoresponders to both visitors and administrators whenever a question is submitted

  • Customizable template for visitor searches that yield no results

  • Customizable templates for all e-mail notifications

  • In-built printer friendly version for each FAQ category

  • Specify order of Questions and Categories or use default Alpha-order

  • Visitor feedback reports show usefulness of each Category

  • Search engine friendly, static HTML page loaded with rich keywords generated for each Category and the Category index page.

  • Use your own templated header and footer to completely customize the look and feel of the entire front end

  • Modify or delete multiple QnAs simultaneously rather than painstakingly updating one at a time

  • Unlimited number of Categories supported

  • Compatible with Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows, BSDOS, and Sun servers

Here are just a few Web sites using this script

Check out what these guys have done with Build a FAQ plus. Thousands of QnA's have contributted to the hundreds of thousands of unique hits they receive.

www.aquariumpros.com featured


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Program: Build a FAQ Plus 3.1
Cost: US$49 Demo - New Window
Platform: Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, BSDOS Users Guide
Requires: Perl F.A.Q.

Build a FAQ Plus can be used as a support system or help desk allowing your visitors to search your faq, knowledgebase or support pages and submit questions if they cannot find an answer. It may also be used to supplement your support team's efforts, a Glossary of terms, build and manage FFA pages or any type of list oriented page or database. With unlimited categories, pagination (xx number of question per page), Build a FAQ is the ultimate FAQ manager. Maintaining your FAQ pages could not be easier using our first class, web based FAQ management system.

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