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Consolidator Version 8.1, Your email marketing machine!

Program: Consolidator 8.1
Cost: US$199 Demo
Platform: Unix, Linux, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, BSDOS Users Guide
Requires: Perl, Crontab and the Mysql Perl Module F.A.Q.

Consolidator is modular based direct email marketing software. A Mailing List Manager enabling you to send email campaigns to your email marketing lists. You can use it as a single User to send your email newsletter and review statistical data, or you can purchased the Membership Module and sell access to your copy for a monthly fee. Each Member then logs in to view and manage only their own subscriber databases and mailing list, email campaigns, autoresponder campaigns, surveys, blogs, articles, etc.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Consolidator is used by many of the leading list management website businesses online today, including but not limited to Mailboto.com, MyListManager.co.za and mailcustomers.com. By purchasing the software direct, you cut out your monthly fees, the middleman, can deal direct with the source which will save you money and have full admin rights and privileges to control every aspect of the markerting software.

If you're looking to push tens of thousands of emails every hour and have been quoted a small fortune for a dedicated copy of email marketing software, contact us for a much more competitive price.

Other companies such as constantcontact.com and mailchimp.com are always lagging behind our constantly developed and constantly eveolving software which sees us at the forefront of online email marketing and online SMS marketing development.

Power. Consolidator is capable of supporting millions of Subscribers and thousands of Members. Consolidator harnesses the power and speed of Mysql on Unix / Linux type servers to efficiently deliver mail to the masses and is currently used by several major email marketing companies world wide.

Efficiency. We've developed several market leading features to help maximize deliverability and either speed up or slow down output to avoid bombarding servers with email and triggering Spam flags.

Control. Consolidator is installed on your server giving you full control of all settings and email content. Rather than promoting someone else's service in each and every message delivered via copyrights and footers, you'll be promoting your own business and reaping the rewards of viral email marketing.

Email marketers in need of a cost effective e-marketing solution need look no further. With Consolidator's endless and ever-growing list of marketing features, you can set and forget your email campaigns. You will be notified of the completion of your campaigns, optionally have a report delivered to you, and can even schedule an unlimited number of future campaigns enabling you to continue to market your products or deliver your newsletter while you're away.

Dynamic Progress Meter, concurrent mailings and Member's Spam Strikes.
Dynamic Progress Meter and Member's Spam Strikes.


To run Consolidator on your shared server, you must have :
  • a Unix/Linux type server with the ability to create a MySQL Database
  • the Mysql.pm (Perl Module, installed by default on most Unix/Linux servers)
  • the ability to edit the Crontab (most Unix/Linux servers permit this)
To run Consolidator with the AutoCleanser Bounce Module, you must have :
  • a dedicated server with root access
The AutoCleanser Bounce Module automatically removes email addresses (that are either dead or repeatedly bounce) from your mailing lists. The AutoCleanser Bounce Module is not required, but would assist in the management of mailing lists with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Members and Subscribers do not require any special software to send messages. Consolidator is completely browser based, our WYSISYWG HTML editors have been successfully tested on PC and Mac in MSIE, Firefox and Safari.

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  • On a QuadCore Xeon 2.4 dedicated server with 8 GBs RAM, running Plesk/Postfix, you can expect around 50,000 msgs per hour. This is the norm for Mailing Lists with as many as 1.2 million Subscribers.

  • On a shared hosting platform, performance varies, depending on whether or not the host has imposed limits and restrictions.

  • Our customers experience 95% + deliverability rates. Again, this depends on your server's domain name and IP address' reputation with the world wide blacklisters, as well as the content of your message.
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Key Features Base Module is comprised of the following key features

  • MIME compliance. Consolidator complies with MIME standards and has been successfully tested with all major email clients and services, with and without file attachments. Each and every message dispatched will contain both HTML and Plain Text versions ensuring the content will be visible to the reader whether their email client/program supports HTML or not.

  • Support for all! Not only is the email successfully delivered to all major platforms, but Consolidator is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox for PC, as well as Firefox and Safari for Mac. So all Members and Subscribers will experience error free usage.

  • Progress meter. Watch the progress of all currently running Email Campaigns with option to pause, restart or delete individual Campaigns.

  • Set and forget scheduled mailings. Pre-author and schedule an unlimited number of marketing campaigns to run sequentially or concurrently. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly campaigns in advance.

  • HTML Open rates. Records number of Rich HTML Subscribers known to have actually viewed your messages. Open rates are no longer supported by default by recent releases of email programs. Consolidator has retained the feature for the few users still using older copies of email programs.

  • Global Removal. Instantly remove a problem email address or subscriber complaining about unwanted messages, from the entire database of mailing lists. This will remove the email address(es) form all User's mailing lists and ensure the email address does not find it's way back into any mailing list.

  • Personal Filters. Blacklists preventing email addresses from entering the mailing lists of individual Member's accounts.

  • Import Wizard. Step by Step guide to importing Subscribers databases. Options include: copy 'n paste; CSV or plain text file upload, VCF file import and individual subscriber entry.

  • Export Wizard. Export database back-ups of your Subscribers and their details, in your preferred column structure, as Text or CSV files for safe keeping.

  • Stock 15. Several default fields which may be optionally included in subscription forms, such as Birth dates, Cell Phone numbers, First and Last Names, Mailing Formats, IP Addresses, Anniversary dates and more. This feature enables members to easily create subscription forms with a point 'n click method.

  • Custom 20. For more advanced Users, up to 20 custom form fields can be created for each Mailing list which can then be included in subscription forms. Subscriber databases can query all Stock and Custom fields and results used to construct targeted mailing lists and deliver subscriber relevant content.

  • Subscription Form Generator. In-built Form generator automatically generates Subscription Forms for your website visitors to fill in. Define which fields are required, and which can be viewed and edited by Subscribers when updating their profile

  • Personalized Campaigns. Campaigns can be completely personalized using data merging of up to 12 stock data fields and up to 20 of your own custom data fields. Each Subscriber can be greeted by their real name rather than by their email address or username.

    Easily personalize email newsletters by selecting available Markers for merging.

  • Birthday AutoResponder. Automatically dispatch pre-defined, personalized messages to Subscribers who have entered their birth date's wishing them a happy birthday and/or offering a birthday special. Birthday AutoResponders can be dispatched a pre-defined number of days before the Subscriber's birth date or on the actual birth date.

  • Anniversary AutoResponder. Automatically dispatch pre-defined, personalized messages to Subscribers who have entered the date of their Anniversary wishing them a happy anniversary and/or offering a special. Anniversary AutoResponders can be dispatched a pre-defined number of days before the Subscriber's Anniversary or on the actual Anniversary.

  • Welcome AutoResponder. Automatically dispatch a pre-defined welcome message to all new subscribers.

  • Notifications. Several notifications that be enabled or disabled at the User's discretion, including notification of : Completed Mailing Campaigns; New subscriptions; Subscription Cancellations; and Mailing Reports.

  • Footer links Manager. Control which links appear at the foot of each message including Unsubscribe, Forward Message, Blog and Article, and Subscriber profile links.

  • Embedded images for Master Users. Each message can have all images embedded in the email itself, ensure all readers will see all images whether or not they're connected to the Internet.

  • HTML WYSIWYG Editors. Built-in Rich HTML WYSIWYG Editors enable the composition of Rich Text email newsletters. Or paste in your email newsletter straight from your favorite HTML editor. For more advanced Users, direct source code editing is also supported.

  • HTML and Plain Text mailings. Enter both HTML and Plain Text versions of your email newsletters and Consolidator will automatically deliver the newsletter in the Subscriber's preferred format, which they can set by logging in to their account.

  • PopUp Layer Generator. Circumvent PopUp Blockers by utilizing PopUp Layers. Announce your Mailing List offers to your website visitors with scrolling, attention capturing PopUp Layers proven to increase Subscription rates by as much as 700%.

  • Subscriber Accounts. Subscribers may log into their accounts to update their details and preferences, temporarily suspend their account, delete their account, and back issues of your Newsletters.

  • File Attachments. Attach ANY type of file to your Mailings. All files arrive as true attachments, not as hyperlinks. Define acceptable file extensions to protect Subscribers from viruses.

  • Mailing History and Reports. Recorded statistics such as number or recipients, number of messages opened, cancellation rates, open rates, and generated reports allow comparisons to be drawn and analysed.

  • Double Opt In / Double Opt Out. By switching on the Double Opt In option in your Mailing List's settings, new Subscribers will be forced to confirm their Subscription request. This not only ensures the email address being subscribed is a live and valid account, but also prevents ill-gotten email addresses entering your Mailing Lists.

  • List Signatures. Each Mailing List signature which can be defined and automatically appended to each out-going message. Additionally, a Global Signature appended to all Member Mailings can also be enabled.

  • Newsletter Templates. Save time by creating your own Email Newsletter Templates using the Rich HTML WYSIWYG Editor. Membership module also supports the creation of system wide templates which can be made available to all members.

  • Quick Stats. View the most crucial statistics for each campaign upon logging into Consolidator, and delve further into detailed statistics.

  • Easy to use GUI. Uplifting, easy to use interface allowing for quick and easy navigation of a comprehensive mailing program. We performed and reviewed several studies while contemplating which system would best be suited to a program of this nature.
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Add on Modules

Consolidator is a modular based email marketing program. Only the Base module is required to get up and running. Each Add on module can be purchased at a later date to enhance and improve the User experience and enable additional features. Below is a brief description of each module currently available.

View Module pricing here.

AutoResponder Module

  • Each Mailing List in the system has provision for an unlimited number of pre-written message which can be dispatched at pre-defined intervals. For example, you could have a pre-authored set of Newsletters (each one promoting a different product, or it may be a training course, or joke of the week) automatically delivered once a week for 52 weeks to a new Subscriber (or Imported Subscribers) when they subscribe to your Mailing List. This is an amazingly powerful feature if properly utilized and is almost always employed by the most successful Internet Marketers to promote their goods and services. The delay between each Message in the AutoResponder series can be defined in hours and days, and each or any of the Messages can have files/e-books attached.

  • AutoResponder Linking. One AutoResponder Series can be linked to another AutoResponder Series which can be sequentially linked to another and another and another, effectively forming a chain of AutoResponder Series'. As Subscribers progress through one AutoResponder Series, they're either moved, or copied, (depending on your selection) to the next AutoResponder Series in your chain, where the progress through it's series of Message until they reach the end of the Series. This process can be repeated indefinitely.

  • AutoResponder Shifting. Provides a method for shifting all Subscribers currently receiving Message X to Message Y within the same AutoResponder Series. And the monitoring of each Subscriber's position in a Series, ability to inject Subscribers into a Series and remove Subscribers from a Series.

  • AutoResponder Statistics. Records number of Subscribers who have received each Message of an AutoResponder Series, number of Subscribers who have opened each Message of an AutoResponder Series, and if the Click Tracking Module is available the number of times clicks recorded for each Message of an AutoResponder Series.

  • AutoResponder Clicks. Requires Click Tracking Module. Working in conjunction with the Click Tracking Module, records any clicks on links in AutoResponder messages and ability to target Subscribers who clicked the links.
AutoCleanser Bounce Module

  • AutoCleanser Module. Detects and automatically purifies Mailing Lists of bounced e-mail addresses. Hard bounces are immediately deleted from Mailing Lists, Soft bounces are retried another XX times before ultimately being deleted. Consolidator can also be set to produce a list of extracted email addresses for manual editing by each Member. This enables the Member to remove selected records (such as email addresses which contain obvious typos as in name@server.comn) before submitting the list for AutoCleansing.

  • Enable or disable the feature at will. Enable or disable hard bounce processing, and soft bounce processing.

  • This module often requires root server access to set permissions on mail spools and/or execute the cron handles script as the root user.

Click Tracking Module

  • Enables optional tracking of hyperlinks in messages. Records unique and total clicks for each individual link a message, as well as unique and total clicks for identical links in a message. Rich HTML and Plain Text message clicks are distinctly displayed. And offer the ability to target Subscribers who clicked the links. Click statistics remain in the System (until manually deleted) for comparison against previous Mailings.
Graph Module

  • Facilitates the visualization of statistics for consecutive Mailing campaigns (bar graph with super-imposed line graphs), subscription to cancellation ratios, and tabulated survey data (pie or bar graphs).

  • Enables quick visual comparison of previous XX Mailing's statistics to instantly gauge any swings in improvement.

  • Injects uplifting aesthetic appeal to enhance User experience and comfort.

Membership Module

  • The Membership Module instantly transforms Consolidator into a Multi-User System. Each User or Member will have their own log in and access to their own mailing lists and databases. Members can update their own Profiles, manage their own mailing lists, submit upgrade requests, create their own Surveys, AutoResponders, Adverts, Subscription forms and more (provided you have purchased the relevant modules and the Members are on a privileged package).

  • Free Trial Accounts. Allow potential members to 'try before they buy' by registering for a free trial account. You set the Subscriber limit on free trial accounts.

  • Set up Wizard. New registrations are guided through the initial set up of the most common features to get them feeling comfortable with the system.

  • Each Members can create unlimited number of their own Users and assign list specific administrative rights and privileges to each User. This allows members to delegate tasks such as message creation to one staff member, while another may have subscriber management rights.

  • Membership Level Manager. Create your own Membership Levels with your preferred limits, rights and privileges, then set the monthly or annual subscription fee for each level.

  • No website required. Your Clients/Members can tap into the world of email marketing even if they do not have their own Website. Each Member can point their face to face Customers to a dynamic Subscription Form on your website, or can collect email addresses via pen and pad in-store then periodically import them.

  • Announcement Manager. Publish announcements or messages, displayed to your Members immediately they log in. Announcements can include Member specific statistics and limits, and are managed via the WYSIWYG Announcement History Manager. Multiple announcements can be displayed concurrently, in defined order, and can be set as visible or hidden.

  • Internal Banner Manager. Rotate a set banners throughout the Member's area promoting related products, services or special offers. Records number of impressions and clicks for banner created.

  • Suspension Manager. Record and retain information about any suspensions dealt out to Members for future reference, and reasons suspensions took place or were lifted. Reasons can also be auto-inserted into Suspension Notification templates sent to suspended Member.

  • Template Manager. In addition to each Member's private Template Manager, is a Member accessible, Admin controlled Template Manager. Templates can be categorized and made available to all Members who may require assistance in creating Rich HTML newsletters. By offering an array of pre-coded Templates, you're helping your Members quickly and easily create attractive, easy to read and navigate Newsletters, saving them time and increasing thee level of satisfaction with your service.

  • System Wide Statistics and Reports. Includes a complete history of retained Mailings, Mailing durations and speeds (messages per minute), Internal Referral System showing Members who registered for your service after clicking on your 'Powered By' link in a Member's newsletter, System Wide figures, monthly monitoring of Messages and Megabytes sent by individual Members, a running count of Messages and Megabytes sent, and aggregate usage statistics.
Publishing Module

  • A dedicated Blog for each Member in the system, with a Blogger's Profile, settings and remote website display of Blog.

  • A dedicated Article Publishing House for each Member in the system, with a Publisher's Profile, settings and multiple Article Editors.

  • Both Articles and Blogs published as static HTML files quickly builing up the number of files that can be indexed by search engines.

  • Article integration with Newsletter campaigns.

  • Built-in Visitor Rating system for Articles allowing visitors to rate the quality of each article.

  • Built-in Visitor reporting system for Articles allowing visitors to report articles as offensive.

  • Featured Articles and Blogs can be set by Master Users.

  • Article Central and Blog Central listing the most popular, highest rated and most frequently published articles and blogs.
SMS/Texting Module

  • Send mass SMS broadcasts to Mailing Lists with subscribers who have entered their cell phone numbers. Subscription forms also have provision for collecting cell numbers.

  • Import cell number databases, schedule broadcats and view statistics.

  • Requires the purchase of credits from a Phone Carrier and possible custom integration with unsupported carriers.
Survey Module

  • Offers Users the integration of dynamic Surveys. Supports unlimited Surveys which can either be directly embedded into Messages, or linked to. Note: recent releases of email clients (Outlook, Firebird, Netmail) no longer support forms in email. Links to Surveys can still be included in messages, directing subscribers to the online copy of the Survey.

  • Survey Results may be optionally made publicly available. Add some inter-activity to your Messages and keep your readers entertained and coming back for more.

  • Supports multiple pages Surveys allowing the break down of lengthy Surveys, as well optional previews for each page before final submission.

  • Supports unique submissions based on subscriber IDs, cookies and IP addresses to assist in the effective accuracy and deducing of tabulated data and reduce ambiguity.

SpamAssassin Module

  • Queries message content against the SpamAssassin database of rules in real time, allowing Members to test their message content prior to sending the message. Results return a score and a list of breeched rules. Messages can then be revised until the Member is satisfied with the score.

  • The SpamAssassin Module often requires root access to the server to set permissions on the mail spool, or set up a root executed cron.
Copyright Module

  • Our copyright link appears in the back end Administration section and subscriber log in area. It is not embedded in email messages dispatched by the system.

  • To remove our copyright links from the Administrative web pages, you must purchase copyright removal.
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Online Demonstration

Power up the online demo now. Explore the program and see how Mailing Lists can be created in seconds, Mailing reports can be optionally delivered at specified intervals, information rich customized notifications of Subscriber registrations and cancellations, Double Opt In and Double Opt Out requests can be switched On or Off.

Consolidator has been in constant development since July 2000. As such, the feature list is too vast to completely document. While we've covered most of the major features above, as with any good program, you'll continually discover more time saving, sensible and useful features.

Program: Consolidator 8.1
Cost: US$199 Demo
Platform: Unix, Linux, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, BSDOS Users Guide
Requires: Perl, Crontab and the Mysql Perl Module F.A.Q.

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