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Clock In Center - Description

Program: Clock In Center 2.1.1
Cost: US$30 Demo - New Window
Platform: Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, BSDOS Users Guide
Requires: Perl F.A.Q.

What is Clock In Center?

Emulating employee time cards, this precision Perl Clock will save you hours of paper work and frustration. We use it to run our entire business! Clients can even log in with restricted access to update their log in details, view, rename or e-mail current or archived logs and set their own time zone.

Logs your employee's "clock in" and "clock out times" to the second, even over extended periods. Ideal for tele-commuters or business owners, it will even calculate amounts owed based on total hours recorded and hourly rate entered. Both the administrator and users can e-mail work logs in either plain text or HTML format. Users have the option to enter comments describing the task at hand. Clock In Center has a built in real time stop watch (as well as the server side clock used to record stamps) that counts up from the moment you clock in. Check out our demo.

Now all your paper work can be found in one place. All products sold, all incoming and outgoing items, all hours spent and anything else you decide to log, is clearly time and date stamped and commented.

Automated Billing (Add on module)

An additional $99 will automate the delivery of E-mail Invoices. Send invoices weekly, bi-monthly or monthly in each client's preferred format (Plain Text or HTML). This Module requires a Cron tab on your server. Cron tabs are available only on Unix/Linux servers.

Clock In Center's Key Features

Countdown session timer configurable for each User

Plays alarm when Count Down timer reaches zero. (MSIE Browsers only)

Flexibility! Clock In Center can be utilized by freelancers or business owners

Admin can set client/staff/user privileges

Client and Staff log in area for account management

Delete specific entries or entire logs

Calculates total time recorded in addition to session start and end times

Calculates exact amount owed based on individual client rates

Set minimum bill time (minutes to be billed for each session)

Mark timesheets/worklogs as archives

Email work logs as either Plain Text or HTML

Adjustable time stamps for each User to suit local time zones

Rounds up or down to nearest preferred billing increment

Add or Delete sales items, credits, payments or debits

Logs time stamps to the second

Comes with two built in stopwatches, one counts up one counts down from specified time

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix servers

Additional Notes

Clock In Center has had several features added since the original Version. You can now comments, as well as credits or debits. Simply enter the amount and it's automatically deducted from or added to the total. Invoice clients via email, sending the same HTML page viewed online, directly to their inbox. Users or clients may log in to the program to view and adjust settings, then e-mail themselves or anyone else a copy. The log itself is not effected!

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Program: Clock In Center 2.1.1
Cost: US$30 Demo - New Window
Platform: Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, BSDOS Users Guide
Requires: Perl F.A.Q.

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