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How to increase hits

There are two sure fire ways to increase hits. Buy them and generate them. Buying them is a temporary solution and can cost anywhere from $0 to $1 per hit. The free hits you purchase, cost you more than nothing. They cost you repeat visits and a lot of traffic. This is because in order to receive your free hits, you must utilize undesirable pop up or pop down windows. I, like most web surfers/consumers avoid sites that utilize pop up windows. If I encounter them (sometimes up to 10 new pop up windows per page) I don't go back. That's lost traffic for you. So what you bought was lost traffic. When paid for, hits you purchase do bring in traffic, and if you're paying closer to $1 per hit, chances are it's quality, targeted traffic. That's what you want, but can you afford to forever pay for those hits? If not, read on.

If you're like me, you would prefer a steady increase in constant traffic. This can be achieved through diligent work. Work that you can do and won't cost you anything but your time. To build a solid stream of visitors you need content. It's that simple. If you don't have any content, forget your share of traffic from the number one method used to locate information and products. Search engines. The most valuable source of highly targeted free hits on the web. If you don't have the search engines working with you, you don't stand a chance. The new information age is becoming a very viable solution for many industries. There was a time, not so long ago, when the cost of building a web business was beyond the reach of the average small to medium sized business. When programming was in high demand and programmer's wages were even higher. As business after business went bust and reality set in, demand dropped and designers and programmers began to realize that their skills and services were no longer worth US$150 per hour.

Companies that to this day charge that much and more. More than two thirds of the sites developed by these companies are lucky if they survive six months. The customer cannot afford to continue to pump in thousands of dollars to upkeep a site that serves to do nothing more than syphon much needed funds. If you find yourself in this position, the first thing you must do is find someone else to handle the development of your site. Someone who cares about you and your business and treats your business as though it were their own, and the success of your business was just as important as the success of their business. Or better still, do it yourself. There are literally thousands of CGI, PHP nd ASP scripts available on the web today designed to help you build and develop a web site with functionality and appeal. And the brutal truth is that the companies charging exorbitant rates are using these very same scripts. But why should they tell you? They are running a business too, and it's in their best interests to keep their secrets in order to continue making money off the uninformed.

Before you think to yourself, "I can't do this, CGI is out of my league", let me tell you that half the people I mention in the above paragraph don't know a CGI script from a bar of soap. They don't need to either, and neither do you. And this is why: Build A FAQ. A free CGI script available here (or here for the Plus version with additional features). Build a FAQ is the key to generating a long lasting, solid traffic stream without paying anyone a cent. We have dozens of scripts available on this site that you can add to your arsenal of traffic and functionality building weapons. Even if you have never looked at a CGI script in your life, for a reasonable fee, we will install it for you so that all you need to know is how to use a keyboard. Once installed, your job is to start building content. Using the Plus version, your visitors inadvertently help you. Each time a visitor submits a question, you answer it and it's simultaneously posted to your web site and sent to the visitor via e-mail. Amazing? No, not really, but each time you answer a question, the next time someone looks for that answer using a search engine, guess whose web sites shows up in the results. A very simple strategy that worked for us and will work for you. Over time, and don't kid yourself, it will take months, not days, your web site will have so much information, that just about anytime anyone searches for anything relating to the products or services you provide, you'll be found. You probably found us by searching for something.

Getting the content up is only half the task. The other half is closing the sale once the visitor arrives. Presentation and usability are key factors. If your site screams "Amateur", consumers quickly move on to the next search result. If your site is difficult to navigate, or the consumer cannot find what they're looking for within seconds, literally, they're lost. However, if you have a well thought out design, without confusing, overwhelming content and the visitor can clearly see what they came for, they are much more likely to spend a few minutes reading about your product or service to see if it suits their needs.

Traffic Pack

Buy Traffic Pack here, a suite of scripts designed to help you increase traffic to your website and enjoy long lasting solid traffic. This pack is not a bundle of pre-purchased hits, it's a core set of methodologies and strategies we've designed and implemented to help you help yourself increase traffic to your website for free. That is, your traffic will be ever lasting, won't cost you a cent in advertising and will continue to flow for as long as you want it to.

Each website on the Internet offers the visitors something through interaction. Visitors will not come to your site just to look at it's design. Traffic Pack invites your visitors to participate in Polls, review results, search your website's content and find what the're looking for. You're also empowered with traffic analysis tools to constantly improve the traffic to your website.

Read more about Traffic Pack here.

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