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eSurvey - Survey Manager

Program: eSurvey 3.3
Cost: US$49 / US$69 Demo - Download
Platform: Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows Users Guide
Requires: Perl F.A.Q.


Everything is working as I hoped, In fact there is more functionality than I anticipated. It GRADES papers then emails it to me? How hot is that? I use it to administer cognitive tests to the students in a single classroom, and the fact that I just administered Level 1 Kirkpatrics to a class without printing a thing is making me quite the celebrity here. Mark Stone.


Need a Survey generator that does it all? You've found one and it runs on every server, no problem. We've put every practical feature ever requested into eSurvey, and retained ease of use.

Unlimited Surveys
Include images in Survey questions for visual tests and comprehension tests
Single and Multi-page Surveys with a progress meter
Set commencement and expiration dates for Surveys
Scoring system with automated remarks
Export Results to CSV/Excel file
English, French and German support
Carve in your website's look 'n feel
Installed on and run from your server
Compatible with any server
See full list of features

Why eSurvey?

Get the best. Don't use any old Survey script, that may or may not work. eSurvey was originally written for the Sun MicrosystemsTM corporation. It's a comprehensive, well written, robust survey script suitable for creating online Tests, online Quizzes, online Exams, online Surveys and online Polls. eSurvey gives you unprecedented control of all aspects of your Surveys. Data is presented in an easy to follow format, the front end is well presented so you look good, Thank You pages and email notifications can be personalized and customized to include the User's score, percentile and associated remark giving the User an immediate, automated assessment or evaluation.

eSurvey Plus

The Plus Version ships with quality, pie graphs, bar graphs, polar graphs, overlap graphs and progress meter graphs.
Graph Software will not run on : Mac OS, Sun Spark Web Servers.

eSurvey Plus incorporates several types of dynamically generated graphs assisting visual evaluation of aggregate data at a glance. Multiple choice questions can also display statistical data in the form of visually appealing pie or bar graphs, making data not only quick, but easy to understand. Deciphering your Survey's data is a thing of the past.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Multi-page Surveys with progress meter.

  • Build greater relationships with clients or employees through participation.

  • Publicize Survey results to maintain User interest and compel return visits.

  • Create and manage as many Surveys, Quizzes, Exams or Tests as you like.

  • Add scores/points to multiple choice questions

  • Print or Send scores, percentages and remarks based on percentage score received

  • Set a commencement and expiration date for each Survey

  • Quickly create copies of existing Surveys

  • No HTML experience required, nor any special client side software.

  • You have complete creative control of Surveys

  • Export Survey results in CSV/MS Excel format

  • Password protect Surveys

  • Supports Radio buttons, Checkboxes, Select Menus, Select Multiple Menus, Text fields, Textareas and File uploads and images

  • Supports follow up/supplementary questions

  • Provision for instructions to accompany each Question

  • Gives you control of Question sorting order

  • Retains Answer sequence's integrity

  • Gives you control of Multiple choice Answer flow (vertical or horizontal)

  • Lets you set required Questions and generates Javascript validation

  • Logs individual submissions as well as aggregate results

  • Sends personalized and customized auto responders to Admin and Survey taker

  • Include Survey Snapshots in e-mail Notifications and on Thank You page

  • Include File Attachments in Customer e-mail Notifications

  • Option to enable/disable Survey

  • Switch Preview Mode On or Off

  • Settings page for each individual Survey

  • Custom Thank You pages that can also display selected Answers

  • Compatible with Windows, Unix, Linux, Sun, BSDOS and OSX Mac servers.
See the Users Guide for more detailed Information.

Surveys should be used by any business wishing to survey their customers or employees and possibly improve their service based on feedback. At the same time making customers and employees surveyed feel like they're making a difference. Surveys are a catalyst for improvement.

While this script is in use by many customers, we do not publish the websites here because most of the Surveys are created for private or customer related use. Many of our customers also use the scripts for schooling tests and quizzes, and a few even use eSurvey in municipal and government offices for accessing and surveying local communities.

Got a Question about this Perl Script?
Subject Question about eSurvey
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E-mail address
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Surveys are often deployed by any business wishing to survey their customers or employees with the aim of improving their service while at the same time injecting a sense of involvement in their customers or staff.

Ready to purchase your own copy of eSurvey?

Let's get started. Know what your customers are thinking, and what they want from you. Free updates for 12 months. Everything you need available in one simple solution, run from your own website server. We'll get you up and running, that's what we do best.

Program: eSurvey 3.3
Cost: US$49 / US$69 Demo - Download
Platform: Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows Users Guide
Requires: Perl F.A.Q.


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