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Upload Pro - Membership File Manager

Upload Pro 6.4 Demo - New Window
Platform: Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, BSDOS Users Guide
Requires: Perl / CGI-BIN F.A.Q.
Rating: Features

It's working exactly as I expected. Now I know about the fantastic range of scripts you have and the service that goes with them I will certainly be using you again. This is a great service for web front-end designers like myself who have little coding ability outside of html. Richard Hamilton

What is Upload Pro?

Upload Pro with in-built Basic Authentication (.ht protection) is the most secure way for you and/or your clients to upload and share sensitive information or files. Upload Pro allows you to limit and control file uploads to your server. Your clients or web site visitors sign up as Members and may then upload files to their allocated folders and sub folders. Users can then log in and manage their own folders and files. Each Member decides whether the contents of their directory is protected or open to the public. (Basic Authentication Protection requires Apache Server Software).

As the Administrator, you control file types allowed and disk space allocated to individual Members. You can design your own custom HTML sign up form and request as much or as little information as you like. All information is captured and stored in the database which can be updated by Admin or the new Member.

Upload Pro has been designed to function as both a Client File Manager and a Community File Sharing system. You control the functionality via the preferences you set in the Administrative section. With a vast and easy to follow settings area you are in total control.

You've outdone yourself with this one, again! I love the functionality! Your Upload Script is the BEST THERE IS! Many scripts failed where yours succeeded! Many many thanks to you all!

Each Member's Main Directory can either be protected with Basic Authentication or Publicly accessible. Upload Pro also supports Member Groups. Each Member of a Group is assigned Viewing privileges for multiple directories, allowing a Group of staff Members to view the latest information uploaded by any Member of that Group. User Authentication is the world wide industry standard in document protection on Unix/Linux servers and Upload Pro is the only program that harnesses it's full potential.

Upload Pro's Key Features

  • Captcha Code Generator! Captcha Codes prevent Robots filling in your Forms by requiring a randomly generated string of characters be correctly typed in to the Form before it can be processed. Captcha codes prevent Spam! This Captcha Code Generator requires no special modules, enables you to set the number of characters generated, and choose between a clean and dirty image. Upload Pro will then randomly select one of three color sets composed of random characters and numbers making it virtually impossible for Robots to succeed.

  • File transfer progress meter with option to display progress for each individual file, display transfer rates and speeds, and set colors and fonts.

  • Compact, collapsable and expandable file lists with notes, dates and function links which can be enabled and disabled on a per member basis.

  • Any file anywhere. Using Upload Pro, all Members of a group have easy access to the latest copy of your documents from anywhere in the world.

  • Rights and privileges. Members uploadling, downloading, renaming and file moving rights and be enabled or disabled. That is, you can set Upload Pro to function as file viewing system, file retrieval system, file receiving system or all of the above.

  • Folder and Sub-Folder Manager. Each Member can create and manage an unlimited number of directories and sub-directories within their allocated folder. Admin can browse the contents of all folders and sub-folders, while Members can browse the contents of their own folders and sub-folders.

  • File delivery system built in. Each Member can have their directory's files delivered via e-mail to themselves or any other recipient. Files arrive at recipient's inboxes as true attachments, not as links to the web.

  • Admin supremacy. As one of two top level administrators, you'll be able to update or modify any of the data or file media in the entire system with ease, including deleting user files, updating captions, Member profiles and Member statuses.

  • Completely customize admin section. Incorporate your own Header, Footer and Navigational Menu into the Admin section. That's right, you can either use the default control panel, or design your own using your own logos and media to match your business or corporate identity.

  • User Sign Up or Admin Addition. You specify whether Users can register themselves or not by selecting "Yes" or "No" in the Web Admin Settings. You also decide whether or not, upon self-registration, accounts are immediately activated or must be approved by Admin.

  • Public Member name and file listings. Each registered User decides whether their directory should be HT protected or Open to the public. Protection status can be set by either the Member or Admin as often as required.

  • File captions. Each file uploaded may also optionally contain a descriptive caption or notes. Captions may also be edited without having to re-upload the file.

  • Shared Directory. All Members have access to a Shared Directory managed by Admin. User may browse, download and e-mail the Shared Directory's contents, Admin and any Member of the Admin Group may upload, update or delete the Shared Directory's contents.

  • Recursively copy the Folder structure and contents of one account to another in one action.

  • Create Groups with multiple viewing privileges. Each Member can also be assigned to a group, allowing selected Members to view the contents of each other's directories.

  • Auto creates and updates Member's file list. Each time a User uploads or deletes a file, their file list is automatically updated. The static page is rendered using your custom Header and Footer, ensuring the entire system fits in with your website's look and feel.

  • Personalized Autoresponders. We've added 4 AutoResponders, each of which can be personalized and customized using any information you require in your Sign Up / Account Registration form. Each autoresponder can also be switched on or off. Two of the autoresponders (one at Sign Up time and one for each file upload) are delivered to Admin, and the other two are delivered as "Thank you" messages to the Member.

  • Enter file types accepted. You define which file types you accept, or simply enter the "ALL" keyword to accept all known file types.

  • Control Member's folder sizes. As a top level Administrator, you specify each User's disk space quota. User profiles are created using your defined default disk space quota and can then be updated to suite individual's needs.

  • User Management. User profiles can be created, edited or deleted by either of the Two Top level Admin Groups. Each Member can also modify and update their own profile so that the information on record is kept up to date.

  • Edit HTML source code. When delivered, the program contains a standard HTML Sign Up form which you can modify to request the information you require of your Users/Members. All information is then stored in User Profiles which can be updated by both Members and Admin.

  • Three levels of administration. Top level Admin has access to all functions. Second level Admin (the Admin Group) has access to all functions bar the Program's configuration Settings, third level Admin (the Staff Group) has access to all functions bar User Profiles, Settings and Shared Directory Management, and Users have access to their own files, folders and profiles.

  • Suspend uploads or Member access with on/off switch. Going away for a while? Need to prevent uploads? No problem, switch off the program, until you're ready to get going again. Each Member's account may also be individually suspended, de-activated or deleted.

  • Prevents overwrites by renaming new files using on/off switch. Our overwrite prevention feature ensures a file is never inadvertently overwritten. However if you'd like your Users to be able to overwrite their own files, simply set the program to allow overwrites.

  • Number of files. The number of file Browse buttons printed on the Upload Page is controlled via the Admin Settings in the File Settings section. Browsers can easily print up to 50 or more. Each Browse button can only read/upload one file at a time.

  • Compatible with Windows, Unix, Linux, Sun, BSDOS and OSX Mac servers. This script has been tested and will function on all Windows and Unix servers with a cgi-bin and Apache Server Software. Directory Protection requires Apache Server Software.

  • PayPal Payment module available. Upload Pro can connect to PayPal Express Checkout using the PayPal Payment module, to automate payments for files and quotes. The following payment process, which can be modified to suit your needs, is currently supported:

    • Customers log in and Upload files(s).

    • Admin logs in, reviews files, sets an amount, optionally deletes file and uploads edited file or quote.

    • Customer is notified of new file or quote.

    • Customer logs in and sees the un-accessible file or quote in their file list.

    • Customer clicks on the amount and is directed to their PayPal Account, using PayPal's Express Checkout, to authorize the charge.

    • Once payment has been authorized, Customer is redirected back to their account where the file automatically becomes accessible. This final step is automatically executed using the Express Checkout's API.

    The Upload Pro PayPal Payment module ships for an additional one time payment of US$75.00 on top of the cost of Upload Pro. PayPal's Express Checkout is available for free with all PayPal Business Accounts.
File Upload Limitations

Upload Pro itself does not limit or control your server's file upload limits. Theoretically, Upload Pro can uploads files of an unlimited size, as longs as a connection remains live and the server is running. Our Users have reported regularly uploading files larger than 1 Gigabyte.

If you think your Users will be regularly uploading files of around 5 megabytes or greater, we suggest you download, install and try Upload Lite to test your Server's capabilities. Installation for Upload Lite can be ordered here. We'll install and test the server for you. Then if you're satisfied and decide to purchase Upload Pro we'll also waive Upload Pro's installation fee. Free installation!

If you require hosting for the transfer of very large files, use the contact form below to let us know just how large and how often, and we'll suggest a plan for you on our dedicated file transfer servers.

Here are just a few of the many Customers using this script to enhance their web site!

Trusted by Financial Institutions the World Over! Advanced Financial Solutions employs a customized Version of Upload Pro.


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Upload Pro 6.4 Demo - New Window
Platform: Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, BSDOS Users Guide
Requires: Perl / CGI-BIN F.A.Q.
Rating: Features

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