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Form Mailer Platinum. A comprehensive form mailer.

Attachment Form Mailer Platinum 4.3 Description | Users Guide | F.A.Q. | Try the Demo | View Sample Forms
Supported Servers:
  • Unix
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Sun Solaris
  • FreeBSD
  • Perl
  • cgi-bin

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Attachment Form Mailer Platinum $99 You are here
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What is Form Maker and Processor?
  • No more spam!
  • No more wondering about file progress!
  • No more wondering about submission success!
  • No more unnecessary time wasted answering messages!
  • Create your own forms then point the <form> tag to our script!
  • More features below...

Do your Customers a favor, purchase this script and make their interaction with your business a pleasurable one.

Form Maker and Processor is literally a website Form Maker and Processor. That is, it will not only generate Website Forms of any kind, including multi-paged Forms, but it will also process them, freeing up your time to concentrate on what matters to you. Add to that a built in Form Validation Generator and you have the ultimate in CGI Form management and arguably one of the most powerful Form Managers available on the net today. It does the lot! One of our ecstatic Customers puts it in his words :

I've looked far and wide for a good formmailer. When I stumbled across your site and read the feature list I felt great relief as the realization that my long and arduous hunt for a decent formmailer had finally come to an end. FMAP has not only lived up to, but exceeded my admittedly high expectations and shone like a superstar!

Each auto-response email and 'Thank you' page content for each of your Forms can be personalized with Customer submitted Form data. With HTML email also an option, both Customer and Administrator email notifications can be custom designed to emulate Website content. Each Form acts as an independent FormMailer with it's own configuration and databases enabling you to create and individually control literally thousands of Form if required.

I just happily purchased Form Maker and Processor. As part of my purchase research, I reviewed modules for a popular WYSIWYG website management application. The prices started at roughly double your price, without the E-mail functionality AND no database search, view or export AND I would still have had to use additional server resources as well. As I see it, your nifty, thrifty script does FOUR TIMES MORE than other options and costs HALF. Doing business with you has always been pleasure. The few questions I ever had were answered clearly and promptly. Programming is a business built of logic, and your advantages make it only logical to do business with you and no other.

Take the sheer frustration out Form validation coding and information lacking Form submissions. Improve your Customer's interaction with your business by offering them frustration free points of contact. Filling in a Form and having the Server spit it back time and time again is not an ideal way to spend your lunch hour. Both Client Side JavaScript (errors are trapped before request is transmitted to Server) and Server Side Perl validation is automatically generated for you based on your Form's specified requirements. Create well laid out, easy to follow and understand, error trapping Order Forms, Contact Forms, Feedback Forms, Information Gathering Forms, Subscription Forms, Custom Forms and more with a Click, Scroll and Submit. Says Darren Templer of Germany's Bioheal Technologies :

i am very pleased with what you have done and we believe your success rate will be very high. I looked around and yours is the best so I think you have good chance, I think you can sell yours for around $700.00

For years we've been listening to our Customers who incorporate real world applications of Form scripts and mailers from all over the world. For years we've building, reshaping, developing then fine tuning, improving and refining FMAP. Our Customers know it, we're well aware of it, and we're sure you'll agree you'd be hard pressed to find anything even worthy of comparison. Now FMAP at it's best, is available to you and your Customers.

I appreciate your help and time on this. The below email and corresponding effort was way more than I expected it. It went above and beyond the level of service I had hoped for.

While many others attempt to emulate our practical, convenient time saving features, they fail to produce quality, sound and robust programs backed by genuine support, and a genuine desire to not only satisfy Customers but reward with great value products built to last. Don't risk your reputation nor your money on cheap imitations. Your Customers deserve better. Ours certainly do.

Accept File Uploads, Auto-respond with File Attachments, Export Submissions, Enable Previews, Duplicate Forms, Generate Forms, Paginate Forms, Paginate Submission Lists, Translate Front End in to your first language, Define Summary of Submission Column Headers, Set your preferred Sorting Order in Previews, the Submission Viewer and E-mail notifications, the list of features is astounding.

Our on-line ticket booking system went live this morning and so far they've had 9 bookings, it's wonderful.. there have been no problems - no confusion - and everything has gone really smoothly - thanks for all your help in getting things working as we wanted.

FMAP is charged with the responsibility of processing critically sensitive data transmitted by online Medical Forms, Finance Application Forms, Ticket Booking Forms, Membership Application Forms, covers many more industries and relishes in the challenge of servicing the needs of businesses great and small.

Load the on-line demo now and see for yourself why our Customers are raving about FMAP. If you're not favorably impressed by it's abilities, let us know how we can improve it!

Key features and benefits FMAP offers you and your Customers

  • Captcha Code Generator! Captcha Codes prevent Robots filling in your Forms by requiring a randomly generated string of characters be correctly typed in to the Form before it can be processed. Captcha codes prevent Spam! This Captcha Code Generator requires no special modules, enables you to set the number of characters generated, and choose between a clean and dirty image. FMAP will then randomly select one of three color sets composed of random characters and numbers making it virtually impossible for Robots to succeed.

  • All data stored in plain text file as well as optionally e-mailed to you. This ensures all data can be reviewed at a later date, should have accidentally lost or deleted the original email notification.

  • User directed admin email notifications with no need for email addresses in your forms. An anti-spam feature that lets the user select who email notifications will be directed to. Email addresses are defined in the back end so you don't have to worry about email harvesters finding your email addresses.

  • Every Form on Every Site! Manage all of your forms across all of your websites using just one copy of FMAP. No more running around from site to site to manage your points of contact. Each form, no matter which website it's coming from, can be processed by one copy of FMAP which can then redirect back to the originating website.

  • Create Multiple Paged Forms with the Pagination Wizard to break down lengthy, confusing and often overwhelming Forms. Customers are then more likely to understand and successfully complete your forms.

  • Instant validation of Forms prior to transmission of data to server prevents reloading pages over and over again to correct errors. Again increasing the chance of your customers completing your application or order forms.

  • Compatible with SSL Secure Servers. Shared or private certificates. FMAP can be configured to run in secure (SSL) mode by simply setting one variable. Both the front and back end will then operate over a secure connection.

  • Security measures to prevent Form hi-jacking and stop Spam. Define which websites can connect to FMAP's processor and prevent other sites hijacking your server's resources to send their Spam.

  • Optionally attach 'Thank You' or product informative documents to auto-responder e-mail sent back to your Customers immediately they submit your form, re-assuring your customers of a successful communication with your Company.

  • Supports two Administrators with hierarchical privileges. Sub-ordinate Administrator has limited privileges, while Master Administrator has program wide privileges.

  • Ability to notify multiple staff members and associates of new orders or submissions. Simply define which e-mail addresses should receive email notifications via the web admin settings.

  • Mark submissions as processed or unprocessed as well as read or unread. Each staff member will then know which submissions to work on and which to skip over.

  • Export form submissions as CSV files for batch processing or as off-site backups of your database.

  • Set your preferred sorting order for form fields in both the Customer's and the Administrator's email notifications, the online submission browser and the export wizard.

  • Translate the entire front end, including all error messages and pages your Customers may encounter, into your country's primary language. Your forms can of course be coded in the language of your choice given they are regular HTML documents.

  • Generate Forms with just a few clicks. Make use of the 'Duplicate Form' feature to create new Forms even faster.

  • Create an unlimited number of Forms capable of handling just about any quote, proposal or query.

  • Generate Client and Server Side Form validation. Negates the guesswork, time and frustration involved with coding JavaScript.

  • Built in search engine enables searching of all submissions for all forms.

  • Supports all standard HTML Form elements including file uploads, select menus, checkboxes, radio buttons etc.

  • Supports file uploads of any type, binary or plain text, limited to your specified size, to a directory of your choice (XLS, PDF, DOC, SIT, SITX, PSD).

  • Includes validation of Credit Card Numbers using the Banking Industry's Luhn Formula as well as validation of expiration dates and CCV numbers.

  • Customer Autoresponder, Administrator Notification, Thank You Page, Preview Page and Error Page templates can be edited.

  • Use Customer submitted form data in all of the aforementioned templates to personalize responses and confirm submissions. 'Hi [firstname]'

  • Switch previews On or Off for each and every form in Single and Multi-Page forms. Allows Customers to review and confirm form data entered before submitting forms for final processing.

  • Anti-spam measures mean you'll never have to post your email address on your Website again and won't be feeding any email harversters sneakily traversing your site.

  • Generates source code and live test Forms in the Administration Section enabling you to quickly test new forms and form settings before going live with them on your site.

  • Use your own Header and Footer HTML code to carve in your Website's look and feel into all pages from your Form to error pages to thank you pages after submissions have been made.

  • Compatible with WINDOWS, Unix, Linux, Mac, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, BSDOS and many other Unix type servers. Supports both sendmail and SMTP so can be ultilzed on any server to deliver email notifications.

  • Test some FMAP generated Forms
Treat your customers to a memorable experience.
Your customers don't want to take the time to fill in form after form, only to wonder if you even received the message or if you'll even bother to contact them with a response. Your customer is just as important to you are you are to us. Give your customer the attention they deserve at no extra cost to you, through automated, personalized responses assuring them you're on the case, and project the professionalism they need to remain confident in you.

Not just a simple Form mailer. We've taken FormMailers to the next level. Use your own HTML Forms so you can completely customize your web pages, allow your customers to send you files uploaded directly from any form, deliver files to your customers in Autoresponders designed in Rich HTML or Plain Text, create Customized Response Pages, link one Form to another, and sort your Submission data in your preferred order.

What you have here is a Form Processor that does what you've always wanted in a Form but could never find. A Single and Multi Page Form Processor that's fast, light weight and efficient enough to handle Forms for Banks, Universities, Printers, ISPs, Web Hosts and Software Developers. Let Form Maker Platinum manage and organize your Form handling needs too.

Free SPAM protection included and free updates for 12 months. Everything you need is right here in one simple solution. We'll get you up and running, that's what we do best. You concentrate the next step in building a solid business.

Ready to purchase your own copy of FormMaker Platinum?

Let's get started.

Here are just a few of the many Customers using this script to enhance their web site!


We can provide you with literally hundreds of websites using this script to process their website forms.

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