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404 Alerter - Know your 404s

Program: 404 Alerter Download
Cost: Free No Demo
Platform: UNIX / Linux / Mac Users Guide
Requires: Perl F.A.Q.

  • Requirements
  • Configuration
  • Installation
  • License and Disclaimer
  • Getting Started / Summary page
  • 404 List
  • Changing your password
  • Settings

  • Requirements

    This script requires Perl on a Unix/Linux type server with Apache.

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    This Script requires no Configuration, however if you have trouble installing the Script, you can hard code some values in the _key.cgi file.

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    Installation - Linux/Unix/Mac Servers

    [script] refers to the first portion of the name of the CGI Scripts you purchased.
    1. Setting the Path to Perl. Open all CGI Scripts (except [script]_key.cgi) in a Plain Text Editor and make sure the first line of the CGI Script is the Path Perl for your server. Most Users can skip this step being the default Path to Perl shipped in the CGI Script is very common.

      NB: if you do not you a Plain Text editor such as Windows NotePad or Mac Textedit (in Plain Text Mode), your Text/HTML editor will add extraneous code to the CGI Script when you save it which will result in a server 500 Error.

    2. Upload all CGI Scripts to your cgi-bin or any cgi enabled directory and CHMOD all the CGI Scripts to 755. It is imperative that you upload (transfer) all CGI Scripts to your server in ASCII mode.

      If you forget to CHMOD all CGI Scripts to 755, Step 3 will yield a Server 500 Error.

      If you do NOT upload (transfer) all CGI Scripts to your server in ASCII mode, Step 3 will yield a Server 500 Error.

    3. Upload missing.html to your home directory, the directory your home page resides in.

    4. If you already have a .htaccess file in your home directory, save a copy of it as it may contain directives necessary to the proper functioning of your website. In this case, all you need do is copy the following 3 directives into it :

      ErrorDocument 404 /missing.html
      AddType text/html .shtml .shtm .htm .html
      AddHandler server-parsed .shtml .shtm .htm .html

      Otherwise, simply upload .htaccess to your home directory. The first directive tell your server to redirect the User to the document defined anytime a page that does not exist is requested. The second and third directives tell your server to process the defined file types rather than just serve them up. They are only required if the first directive points to a .html file rather than .shtml as most servers will normally process .shtml files by default.

    5. Load your Browser, point it to the [script]_setup.cgi file and follow the on-screen instructions for installation. For example, in your browser, type :


    6. Enter a Username and Password. This will be your Username and Password for the Administration Section. If the Setup Routine is successfully processed a link to the Administration Section will appear on the resulting page. Click the link to access the Administration Section with the Username and Password you just entered in the Setup Script.

      Should you encounter any Permission problems with the Setup Routine follow the instructions returned by the Script.
    Upon successful completion of the Setup Routine the [script]_setup.cgi_setup.cgi script attempts to delete itself. This ensures the Setup Routine can not be repeated by another Surfer who would effectively reset your Administration Section Username and Password. Manually delete the [script]_setup.cgi CGI Script you uploaded if the Setup Routine could not automatically delete it (Refresh your FTP directory listing to check). Should you ever forget your Administration Section Username and Password you can repeat this Step to set a new Username and Password.

    Top of Page

    Common Installation Problems - Linux/Unix/Mac Servers

    NB: Shared Secure Servers, VPS, SBOX and Free Servers.

    1. Server 500 Error. This most often occurs because Step 2 was not followed precisely. Make sure the CGI Scripts you are uploaded are CHMOD to 755, the folder the CGI Scripts reside in is also CHMOD to 755, and the CGI Scripts were transferred in ASCII Mode. Auto-Detect only detects the extensions you specify in your FTP client's Settings.

    2. I can initially load the Setup Script and punch in my Username and Password, but when I submit the Form, I receive 404 Error Page or an alternate Error Page stating "Page Cannot be found".

      This suggests your Server is operated by a very nervous System Administrator employing strict security measures, you're using a Shared Secure Server which dynamically sets your domain name to something other than the a standard Top Level Domain (www.yourdomainname.com) or sbox is employed by your server.

      In any case, open [script]_key.cgi in Plain Text Editor (not a WYSIWYG Text Editor, nor a Rich HTML Editor) and enter the URL to the folder you uploaded the CGI Scripts to in the $SecureServer Variable. If you uploaded the CGI Scripts to your cgi-bin, then you'd set the following:

      $SecureServer = "http://www.yourdomainname.com/cgi-bin";

      Do NOT enter the CGI Script name, do nOT enter a trailing slash. After setting the Variable refresh the Setup Routine's Page that asks you to enter your Username and Password. Unless you refresh the initial Setup Page, the Form's URL will not be updated to reflect your Variable value.

    3. I cannot find the correct path to my WebSpace or the required Data Directories and/or Password file cannot be created.

      You need to find that Path. Ask your host, or Download a copy of our free E-Vars CGI Script and install it on your server. CHMOD it to 755 then load it in your Web Browser which will print your Server's environment variables and other useful information. Determine your Server's Document_ROOT or Absolute Server Path to the folder your home page (index.html) resides in. You may need to append "/www" or "/httpdocs" to your Document_ROOT or Absolute Server Path to complete the path to your Writable WebSpace.

      Once you've determined your Absolute Server Path, open [script]_key.cgi in Plain Text Editor (not a WYSIWYG Text Editor, nor a Rich HTML Editor) and set the $DefaultData Variable. For example:

      $DefaultData = "/var/username/www/htdocs";

      Finally, on some Server's it's necessary to CHMOD the folder just above your WebSpace to 777 granting permission to the CGI Script to create the Required Directories at WebSpace Level. In the example above, the "htdocs" folder would need to have it's permissions set to 777.

    4. We offer a very reasonably priced Custom Installation Service. We'll Setup the CGI Script for you and send you the Log in details which you can update at your own leisure. If we cannot successfully Setup the CGI Script we will refund both the Installation fee and the purchase price of the CGI Script. To Order Custom Installation, please fill in our Secure Installation Order Form.
    Top of Page

    License and Disclaimer

    The following constitutes an agreement between you (the end user/purchaser) and us, PerlScripts JavaScripts.com (a wholly owned subsidiary of InterActive Scripts). By purchasing and using our software, products or services you agree to and accept the licensing agreement stated on this page. All documentation, goods and services are provided "as is" and without warranty. We hereby disclaim all warranties relating to any documentation, goods and services, whether express or implied, including warranties of suitability. In no event shall we be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting in loss of revenue or data, incurred by you or any of our products, information or services. We reserve the right to revise the terms and conditions stated on this page at any time without notice. You agree to be bound by such revisions, and you are encouraged to periodically revisit this page to review the then current terms and conditions.

    We grant you the right to use one copy of the software, product or service purchased, for testing and familiarization purposes. We also grant you the right to implement, install and use one copy of the software, product or service purchased on a single web site domain for use by one entity once the evaluation copy is removed / deleted.

    By purchasing a product you are also subscribing to our periodic newsletter which will notify you of new software releases, updates and special offers. In accordance with United States and International anti-spamming laws, an unsubscribe link that removes you from all future mailings will accompany each e-mail notification.

    For taxation purposes, we must keep accurate transaction and installation records. At the time of software installation, you will be asked to enter information such as your web site's domain name and your product's serial number. This information is used to validate copies of our software.

    We reserve all rights. Written permission must be obtained from us before you may copy, reproduce, publish, modify or alter in any way, any media, software, documents or products, in part or in whole, contained within our web site or traded by us. All media, software, documents and products are the property of PerlScriptsJavaScripts.com. We retain ownership and copyright of software products purchased from us and all copies of the software. As a licensee you may make one copy of the software product solely for backup purposes. Removal of any copyright messages, publicly visible or otherwise without prior written permission from us is expressly forbidden. Unauthorized reproduction of any of our software, documents or products is prohibited by Federal and International laws and subject to criminal prosecution.

    Any use of software and accompanying documentation on our Web site is subject to the terms of a software license agreement between you and us. You must read this license agreement in it's entirety and agree to it's terms prior to installing or using the software. All ownership rights and rights not implied are reserved. We reserve the right to revoke these permissions and terminate this agreement at anytime or at it's own discretion without reasonable notice. We reserve the right temporarily or permanently discontinue any software product or the support associated the product at anytime or at it's own discretion without reasonable notice. You agree and accept that we shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any such cessation.

    You agree that any issue or dispute that may arise between PerlScriptsJavaScripts.com and yourself in respect to this web site or it's goods or services will be resolved and governed by and within the courts and laws of Melbourne Australia. If your local laws do not allow for such an agreement, you must delete all copies of products supplied to you by us and you are hereby notified of the termination of this license.

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    Getting Started / Summary Page

    This program is very intuitive. It can be adjusted to suit your needs via the Settings page. Then try loading a page you know does not exist on your website and check to see if the details of your request show up in 404 Alerter.

    Each time you send email, the recipient's details are stored in a file, which is then fetched and printed to the select menu on the Mailing Screen. This allows you to select a recipient and quickly populate most of the fields.

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    404 List

    Each time a 404 is encountered, details of the error are stored in the 404 List.

    To delete the entire 404 List, click the "All" link at the bottom of the "Del" column to select all unprocessed records. This will permanently delete all selected records from the server.

    Processed records are simply hidden from the default view of the 404 List. To mark the entire 404 List as processed, click the "All" link at the bottom of the "Pro" column to select all unprocessed records. This will permanently mark all selected records as having been processed and hide them from the default view.

    To view and edit individual records, click the Green colored Date or Time link in the list. The moment you view an individual record it's marked as having been seen and no longer appears with bold text in the 404 List.

    Top of Page

    Changing your password

    Enables you to update or change the administration log in details. Enter your current log in details, enter your new log in details and press the button labelled "Change Pass".

    Old User Name:
    Old Password:

    New User Name:
    New Password:
    Re-Enter New Password:

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    Controls the functionality of 404 Alerter. Visit the Settings page to alter settings that control the entire program. After selecting your preferred settings, press the button at the bottom of the page labelled "Save Settings" to record your changes.

    Mouseover each Settings Label for a detailed description.

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