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Common server error codes and meanings

301 - Moved permanently

The requested page has been assigned a new location permanently. This is controlled by sys admin.

302 - Moved Temporarily The requested page has been assigned a new location temporarily. This is controlled by sys admin.

400 - Bad Request

The request made to the server could not be understood. Probably an erroneously typed URL

401 - Authorization Required

Invalid username or password was provided to the .htaccess protection. Basic Authentication is an Apache server resource for protecting access to directories. Up to 3 attempts at authentication can be made before a 401 error is produced. See .htaccess for information on how to redirect the user to your own custom error page. See Upload Pro for a script that automates the protection of Member directories.

403 - Forbidden

The server understood the request but refused to allow it. This usually means that permissions have not been set up to allow cgi script execution or to permit the to public access files contained within the requested directory. If you have root access to the server, add the following line to the server's httpd.conf file :

Options Includes ExecCGI

Or try adding it to a .htaccess file and drop in the directory you're trying to access.

This can be very confusing and can stump even the most seasoned system administrators. If the above doesn't work and you have Shell/command line access to your server, try the following :

chmod a+r /dir

The above command will grant (+) read (r) permission to all (a) users for the directory (dir) defined. To apply the same command to all directories recursively, use the -R switch, as in :

chmod -R a+r /dir

Other syntax includes:

r read permission

w write permission

x execute permission

+rwx grants read, write, execute permissions

u set permissions for user (user being the owner of the file as set by chown)

g set permissions for group

o set permissions for other or world

a set permissions for all users (user, group, other)

u+rwx grants full read, write, execute permissions to user

The /directory can be a file name, space separated list of file names, or a directory. To grant read and write permissions to the current group and current owne of the files named a.html and b.html :

chmod u+rw a.html b.html

chmod u+rw * same, except for all files in the current directory.

404 - Not Found

The most common error encountered on server for two reasons. 1) When undisguised, means the requested page no longer exists. i.e. it was deleted by the web master, or the link you typed or clicked was misspelt. And 2) This error is commonly used when a server does not know how to treat a bad request, or when the server's admins do not want you to see the bona-fide error.

500 - Internal Server Error

This is a programmer's most visited error. Produced when an error exists in the script requested. If you're a Perl programmer, see this page for a free debugging solution.

Other server returned errors

Informative Responses 1xx 
100 - Continue
101 - Switching Protocols

Successful Requests 2xx
200 - OK 
201 - Created 
202 - Accepted 
203 - Non-Authoritative Information 
204 - No Content 
205 - Reset Content 
206 - Partial Content 

Redirection Errors 3xx 
300 - Multiple Choices 
302 - Found 
303 - See Other 
304 - Not Modified (It was cached by client)
305 - Use Proxy 
307 - Temporary Redirect 

Client Errors 4xx 
402 - Payment Required : Not currently implemented
405 - Method Not Allowed
406 - Not Acceptable 
407 - Proxy Authentication Required 
408 - Request Timed Out
409 - Conflict 
410 - Gone 
411 - Length Required 
412 - Precondition Failed 
413 - Request Entity Too Large 
414 - Request-URI Too Long 
415 - Unsuported Media Type
416 - Requested Range Not Satisfiable 
417 - Expectation Failed 

Server Errors 5xx 
501 - Not Implemented
502 - Bad Gateway
503 - Service Unavailable
504 - Gateway timeout
505 - HTTP Version Not Supported
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