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eSurvey Introductory offer
Incredible Hosting offer
Free Back up utility
Time Management Tips


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Our latest and greatest lets you create Surveys, Tests, Quizzes, Exams or Questionnaires for your customers, clients or Website Visitors to provide you with valuable feedback about your products or services. A special introductory price of only US$39 means this is one gem just cannot overlook. All the usual features, options and ease of use have been built in to this Script, as well as graphical statistics, customizable synopsis table and autoresponders, and support for unlimited Surveys. Available in English, German and French. More information and an online demo available here

Incredible Hosting offer

To celebrate the purchase of our latest high speed Unix server we're offering you hosting from as little as US$12.45 per month! And to help you get started, we'll even throw in a fully licensed copy of either Attachment Mailer Plus or AllCount, yours absolutely free. On top of that, we're offering not one, but two free months to our Subscribers that opt for the annual payment option. This incredible offer is only available to our Mailing List subscribers and only for a limited time. If you're reading this, you're a subscriber. Visit this page for more information.

  Account Features   Account Features  
  • Free set up, no hidden fees.
  • 200 megabytes of DiskSpace
  • 2 Gigabytes of data transfer
  • Unlimited Sub-domains
  • 100 e-mail accounts
  • Site Admin Control Panel
  • Cgi-bin and CGI Anywhere
  • 3 MySQL Databases
  • ASP
  • PHP4
  • SSI anywhere
  • Cron Tab Manager
  • Customizable Error Pages
  • Access To Raw Logs
  • Site Back Up Manager
  • 24/7/365 FTP
  Attachment Mailer Plus is a first class form mailer that supports unlimited file attachments. It also allows you to manage an unlimited number of your own custom forms each with customizable Admin and Customer Autoresponders.   AllCount is a web page counter with graphical statistics. AllCount counts hits on unlimited Pages, Countries, Browsers and Browsers language sets, screen sizes, Operating Systems, color depths and more.  


We've also just released eBackup, a free Website data back up utility. eBackup will e-mail you a compressed zip file of all directories you choose to back up. With servers and hard drives crashing as often as they do, or if you plan on moving to a new web host, it pays to have your own copy of data files that can be quickly restored. If you're using one of our scripts, we strongly recommend you download and implement eBackup. Data files can be corrupted and data can be lost. It does happen, especially on high traffic sites. Make a habit of backing up your data files. With the aid of eBackup it will only take you a minute or two and it could mean the difference between a temporary and permanent crisis.

eBackup requires the Archive::Zip Perl Module. Unfortunately it's installed on only around %60 of Unix servers. We plan to eventually develop and release a Commercial version with all the required modules built in. To learn more about eBackup, and how to quickly and easily you can back up your all important data files, visit this page.

If you're doing business online, the readers of newsgroups represent a huge sector of the market that you may be ignoring. Newsthing is a premium newsgroup posting tool. It downloads all groups, posts to multiple newsgroups, saves messages for reuse, you can use multiple news servers, and it's just £29.00 (UKP) for a great tool that you can use for ever.

Time Management

Anyone that knows a Small Business owner has probably heard them utter the words 'There just aren't enough hours in the day' or 'I'm too busy to make it today'. Yet there are some Small Business owners that have more than enough time to run their businesses and lead fulfilling social lives. So what's the big secret? Organized time management. The following tips should help you efficiently manage your time, increase productivity, and free up some of your day for more enjoyable activities.

Set your working hours

While many Small Business owners working from home cite the 5 second trip from bedroom to office as a massive time saver, they lack or disregard discipline. Taking it too easy during the day, cooking, socializing, or even watching TV, all add up to many wasted hours. Where as our competitors that have leased office space get the most out of their day because there's nothing for them to do but to commit themselves to the growth and development of their businesses. Set your hours of operation, even if it's only a few hours a day, and during these hours concentrate on nothing but your business. Ask yourself, "Would I be doing this if I was employed to run this business?".

Define your Office hours

And stick to them. Let your friends and family know that, except in emergencies, you're unavailable during your Office hours. You wouldn't call them at work to ask if they'd like to meet you in 15 minutes for a coffee and a chat. A good yak on the phone a few times a day digs in to your limited hours. Try a google search on "Marketing" instead and you may discover a few techniques you can employ to increase revenue for your business. While at work, if there's nothing else to do, learn about building your business. There's more than enough information on the Internet to keep you occupied.

Screen Calls

If it's not a business oriented call, ignore it. Consider investing in a second phone line dedicated to your business. If you like a good chat, phone conversations can consume a large slice of your day. Have your answering machine take the call. If it's an urgent matter, urgent enough to disengage you from working on the growth of your business, you can always get right back to caller.

Set your Agenda

And stick to it. You have to exercise discipline and show restraint. There's no point in setting an agenda if you're going to disregard it. Refer to it when you find yourself lazing about. Key in generous breaks but not overly generous. Remember, breaks are meant to restore concentration levels and get you working with a refreshed frame of mind.


Software is the greatest time saver of all. The entire business world revolves around and is powered by software. If you find yourself spending a lot of time on data entry or data updating, software specifically designed to automate those tasks will be enormously beneficial. Software is essentially developed to replace human labour. Take advantage of it and exploit all features of any software you currently use. Make your tasks easier and enjoyable and your productivity will increase.

Hired Help

If you're not financially ready to employ full time help, consider hiring on a part time or casual basis. Every business has it's rudimentary tasks. Why waste your time keeping your business simply running when for just a few dollars a week, hired help would free you up to concentrate on growth and development. You may find the seemingly costly trade to be a tremendous gain in the ensuing weeks.

Running a high performance, profitable business is simply a matter of clever time management. Work smarter, not harder. Concentrate on the high margin elements of the business and delegate the tedious low margin tasks. Think about diversifying, extending your interests and seeking out new markets. Fight the fatigue factor, keep yourself well nourished and take a 5 minute break every hour to restore your concentration to optimum levels.

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